You are warm welcome to the temple of Maa Sarswati the goddess of education. We have full confidence that you would succeed in your goals that leads you to this campus. We will be stood by you throughout your educational journey.
As we believe, in spite of being in its developing stage, this college will fulfill all your curiosities and desires. You are warm welcome, as you�ll going to take admission in this temple of education.
The value of any institution is not by its lush infrastructure and resources, but it�s by the faculties who supports in the overall development of their students in nurturing their talent. The reflection of the college in the society is by the disciplined, well savant and talented students.
This college is always in endeavourer for the psychological and intellectual development of their students. We consider its our duty to make our students conscientious, acclimatized, tyrannize and gallant or astute.
With my regards to your bright future.

  Established in the year 2004-05, the Rajasthan Swayat Shasan Maha vidyalaya has been relentlessly pursuing the path of excellence in academic standards. The performance of the college speaks volumes about the quality teaching and academic standards abtaining in this College. Unlike many of its compatriots, the College is dedicated to bring about improvement in its academic standards from year to year by professionally well qualified and dedicated faculty-taking regular classes and monitoring the progress of individual students, providing them extra coaching at no cost if performance of the students so demands. The teachers pay focused and special attention to those who lag behind & need extra care & devotion. It is this singularity of this institute quality education has beem the avowed mission of the College ever since its establishment. Teaching here is not confined to class-rooms but is supplemented by case studies and field visits.
The College is situated at the main heart of Tonk Road in front of the office of Times of India and is easily approcachable from any part of Jaipur.
Since you are on a threshold of a new career- I urge you, the students to join this College and be a part of us and see for yourself how deftly we channelise your talent for career-building.
I extend a very warm welcome to those who have become a part of the Collge & also to those who are willing to become a part of the College and wish you all a scintilling success in your respective academic pursuits.

I welcome you in the new session of Rajasthan Swayat Shasan Mahavidyalaya.
We all are bound to change the positive, qualitative and quantitative aspects of the college. The day of my appointment as the principal of this college, I took the pledge to make this the best college in the state.
Today I can proudly say that we are doing all efforts to fulfill the dream to make this college the best in the country. While you will go through our website you will notice that presently we are running M.Sc. IT, PGDCA, BBA, BCA, B.Com. etc. and the former are being highly appreciated.
                               "THERE IS NOTHING HOLY LIKE KNOWLEDGE".
I not only believe but am very much confident that you will appreciate the success achieved by our college but will also become a part of the college by taking admission and enhance the capabilities within you.
Dr. B. M. Sharma