BCA (Bachelor of computer application)

The Objection of the course is to provide the IT industry wit young & talented computer professional who have flexibillity & willingness to adopt to new methodologies & to continue learning practically & logically with persistence in the field of IT, Software Development, Hardware Assembling, Networking & Multimedia. The program has all the potential to meet demands of the companies.

  • Well-structured Lectures with practical approach.
  • Exposure to latest technologies in IT sector.
  • Exposure to latest computer techniques: JAVA, Web Authoring Tools & Client Server Computing .
  • Multimedia Technology.
  • Focus on newer dimensions of key topics like Digital Electronics & Artificial Intelligence.
  • Guest Lectures from IT Professionals.
  • Industrial Visits.
  • Seminars.
  • Presentations on topics based on new advancements made in the IT sector.

Course Curriculum

I Year

Code Paper Theory/Lab
BCA-101 Elementary Physics Theory
BCA-102 Basic Mathematics Theory
BCA-103 General English Theory
BCA-104 Principles of Programming Language(Through C) Theory
BCA-105 Computer Organization Theory
BCA-106 Office Management Tools Theory
BCA-107 Technical Writing and Communication Skills Lab
BCA-108 C Laboratory Lab
BCA-109 Office Automation Laboratory Lab
BCA-110 Typing Skills Laboratory ( English and Hindi Language) Lab

II Year

Code Paper Theory/Lab
BCA-201 Business Accounting Theory
BCA-202 Discrete Mathematics Theory
BCA-203 Operating System Theory
BCA-204 Database Management System Theory
BCA-205 Web Design and Multimedia Theory
Elective 206-A: Object Oriented Programming in C++
206-B: Programming through VB 6.0
BCA-207 Database Laboratory Lab
BCA-208 Object Oriented Laboratory Lab
BCA-209 Web Designing Laboratory Lab
BCA-210 Multimedia Laboratory Lab

III Year

Code Paper Theory/Lab
BCA-301 Data Structure (using c and c++) Theory
BCA-302 System Design concept Theory
BCA-303 Networking Technologies Theory
BCA-304 Core JAVA Programming Theory
BCA-305 E-Commerce Theory
Elective 306(A) Asp.Net (B) PHP (C)Linux and Shell Programming Theory
BCA-307 Networking Laboratory Lab
BCA-308 Core JAVA Laboratory Lab
BCA-309 Elective Laboratory Lab
BCA-310 Project Lab

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