BCA (Bachelor of computer application)

Intake : 60 Duration : 3 Years  
The Objection of the course is to provide the IT industry wit young & talented computer professional who have flexibillity & willingness to adopt to new methodologies & to continue learning practically & logically with persistence in the field of IT, Software Development, Hardware Assembling, Networking & Multimedia. The program has all the potential to meet demands of the companies.
Highlights :
  • Well structured lectures with practical approach.
  • Exposure to latest technologies in IT Sector.
  • Exposure to latest computer technologies JAVA, Pearl Programming, Oracle, AutoCAd, ASP.NET.
  • Knowledge of latest upcoming application like Linux, shell programming, web applicaion.
  • Focus on newer dimensions of key topics like Artifical Intelligence.
  • Guest Lectures from IT Professionals.
  • Industrial Visits
  • Presentations on topics based new advancements made in the IT Sector.
  • Seminars. Course Curriculum.
Compulsory Papers :
CP1 History of Science and Invention (Theory)
CP2 Technical Writing (Lab)
CP3 Communication Skills (Lab)

BCA Part I

Code Paper Theory/Lab
111 Electrical Circuit and Circuit Analysis Theory
112 Semiconductor Physics, Electronic Devices And Circuits Theory
113 Business Accounting Fundamentals Theory
114 Discrete Mathematics Theory
115 Statistical Methods Theory
116 Computer Architecture Theory
117 Operating System Fundamentals Theory
118 Algorithms And Data Structures Theory
119 Principles of Programming Laguages Theory
121 Electricity and Electronics Laboratory Course Lab
122 Programming Laboratory Courses in C and C++ Lab
123 Laboratory Course in Microcomputer Business and Office Applications Lab


Code Paper Theory/Lab
211 Financial and Marketing Management Theory
212 Digital Electronics and Circuits Theory
213 Mathematical Methods for Numerical Analysis and Optimization Theory
214 Database Management System Theory
215 Object Oriented Programming Theory
216 Networking Technologies and TCP/IP Theory
217 System Analysis and Design Theory
218 Internet and Intranet Theory
219 Electronic Communication and Data Communication Theory
221 Visual Basic, Visual C and Visual Foxpro Programming Lab
222 Web Authoring Tools, Java, and Perl Programming Lab
223 Digital Electronics Lab


Code Paper Theory/Lab
311 Computer Graphics and Image Processing Theory
312 Software Engineering Theory
313 Simulation and Modeling Theory
314 Advanced Computer Architecture Theory
315 Management Information System Theory
316 Network Security and Cryptology Theory
317 E-Banking and Security Transactions Theory
318 Internet Application Development Theory
319 E-Commerce Theory
321 Oracle/ Autocad 2000 Lab
322 Web Site Development & Web Client Programming Lab
323 Computer Architecture and Networking Lab Lab